Exploring Gallery’s 7/40 Seafood and Greek Cuisine

December 18, 2023

It is said that food brings people together, and I believe no truer words have ever been uttered. Nothing unites people like a shared experience of great food in a stimulating setting. Recently, I visited Gallery 7/40 in West Beach Palm Jumeirah, for some seafood and Greek delights, and I can tell you that my friends and I were not disappointed.

Having seen the website, we were already aware of the artistic approach the owners have taken in designing the venue, but witnessing it firsthand was quite a feast for the eyes. Gallery 7/40 possesses a serene yet charming ambiance, apart from the promise of great seafood and Greek delights. Mustard chairs and elegant tables, along with gorgeous plates that reminded me of the Japanese art of putting broken pieces together through gold, adorned the space.

When you read somewhere that Gallery 7/40 is state-of-the-art, you don’t always know exactly what to expect. However, I have to admit, the venue exceeded my expectations! The couches were quite comfortable, and I was delighted that restaurants are finally moving away from those frigid seating arrangements designed to accommodate customers for only an hour or so and then encourage them to leave. The smart seating arrangement allows everyone to participate in conversation comfortably with a clear view of everyone present.

Another visually stunning key feature was the blue Murano glass chandelier inside the venue. For those of you who may not know, these pieces are actually handmade, unique masterpieces. You are unlikely to see the same one in more than one place—unless we’re talking about a fake replica. They are part of Venetian art, coming with an authentication certificate that proves they have been made in Murano, Italy. My eyes, while I was enjoying the taste of my seafood and Greek delights, kept unintentionally shifting towards the chandelier because of how beautiful it was.

For architecture lovers, I believe you’ll be pleased to witness the setting within Gallery 7/40. It’s a blend of pop art with influences from Catalan modernity, especially the modernist Antoni Gaudi, who had a significant impact on this architectural movement. Gaudi himself grew up at a time when his nation was rediscovering the glory of the heydays, and similarly, Gallery 7/40 has a touch of luxury and opulence that doesn’t feel suffocating. The pop-art additions make the place feel luxurious yet preserve its old-money charm.

I could talk about the art, mosaics, and other details within the venue for days, but I’ll stop myself here and tell you a little about the food. At the end of the day, a restaurant that does not serve great food is doomed, but that’s not an issue at Gallery 7/40.

My main objective of the visit was to try the seafood and Greek delights that Gallery 7/40’s website promises to deliver. I was pleased to learn that the seafood is fresh, and while the chef does not categorize the Greek food under the authentic Greek food umbrella, the menu does celebrate a lot of the Greek renowned heritage. Greek cuisine, in my humble opinion as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of food, charms with its reliance on healthy, fresh ingredients. The use of herbs, lemon, thyme, and feta enhances the flavors, creating an energizing and refreshing culinary experience. Did you know that Greek cuisine originally celebrated a lot of vegetarian dishes but has since incorporated more meat into its menu items?

At Gallery 7/40, you can find many fan-favorite Greek dishes. I’ll share the ones my friends and I ordered based on the staff’s recommendation. So, onto the seafood and Greek delights. We had the Lobster Orzotto and the Poseidon Seafood Platter. Did I hear a “Poseidon” platter and automatically order? Yes, but we’re not here to question my motivations. The first dish featured lobster, prawns, calamari, parmesan, and chives, while the latter included lobster tail, king prawns, red snapper fillet, octopus, baby squid, potato, broccolini, cauliflower, chimichurri, lemon mayonnaise, and a garden salad. The portions were quite generous, and I was starting to get pretty filled up and well-fueled, but we couldn’t stop there. Luckily, I had a couple of guy friends around who gobbled everything up. There’s no food waste in this house.

A friend of mine ordered the Taramosalata, and another got the Moussaka, and I was the infamous food thief, managing to sneak a couple of seafood and Greek delights from each. The Taramosalata featured smoked salmon roe, lemon, and onions, and I was impressed by how smooth and delightful the smoked salmon roe tasted. The Moussaka, made with beef, layered potato, tomato, roasted pepper, eggplant and zucchini, tomato sauce, and bechamel, was also quite filling but incredibly delicious.

We switched our setting to the terrace after the main course and ordered a few desserts and drinks. I heavily regretted not bringing my bathing suit, but that’s alright; next time, I’ll keep it in mind. The visit was rather pleasant, and I think this will be my go-to spot in the future, whether it’s for a formal or an informal date. It’s quite relaxing without being imposing, and I love that.

If you’re intrigued and would like to try it for yourself, Gallery 7/40 serves seafood and Greek delights, among other options, from 10 AM till 3 AM every day. You can check the website for further information: https://gallery740.com/.

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