Gallery 7/40 PHILOSOPHY

A Sensory Dining Experience

Greek cuisine and seafood are presented with a unique blend of simplicity and entertainment.
A Greek Artistic Dining Haven

Our Restaurant

Experience the charm of Gallery 7/40, where Greek cuisine takes center stage amidst European coastal elegance and artistic flair. Upon entering, discover a space blending nature with creative design, adorned with exquisite artworks. The ambient lighting from elegant chandeliers adds warmth to the inviting setting.

Inspired by influential artists like Antoni Gaudi and contemporary pop art, our gallery continually showcases the best of Greek culinary artistry. Each art piece enhances not only the visual appeal but also enhances your dining pleasure, offering a taste of Greece’s flavorful dishes. This isn’t just a dining spot—it’s a fusion of art, nature, and delightful Greek cuisine, promising a memorable experience for any occasion.


Selected Dishes


Smoked salmon row, lemon, onion

Tuna tartar

Yellow fin tuna, tartar sauce

Lobster orzotto

Lobster, prawns, calamari, parmesan, chives

Poseidon seafood platter

Lobster tail, king prawns, red snapper fillet, octopus, baby squid, potato, broccolini, cauliflower, chimichurri, lemon mayonnaise, garden salad


Beef, layered potato, tomato, roasted pepper, eggplant & zucchini, tomato sauce & bechamel

Our Menu

Gallery 7/40 serves Greek cuisine and seafood in a simple yet elegant manner. We take inspiration from Greek flavors and bring them to your plate, sourcing our fresh fish straight from its azure waters. Our diverse offerings, the artful surroundings, and the mouthwatering dishes are all curated to elevate your dining experience.