Gallery 7/40 PHILOSOPHY

A Sensory Dining Experience

Greek cuisine and seafood are presented with a unique blend of simplicity and entertainment.

About Gallery 7/40

Our Story

Located on Palm Jumeirah’s The Palm West Beach and inspired by Italian contemporary art, “Gallery 7/40” is a space where culinary creations from our demonstration kitchen coexist with sculpture, photography, and painting.

An Ideal Private Event Venue


Embark on a captivating journey at Gallery 7/40, where the serene elegance of European coastal living is infused with a dash of artistic brilliance. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a harmonious blend of natural elements and creative design. 

Adorning the space, an array of vibrant chandeliers dangle with poise from the immaculate white ceiling, bathing the room in a warm, inviting luminescence. Each step within Gallery 7/40 reveals an environment crafted with an eye for beauty and a reverence for the culinary arts. The gallery’s walls serve as a canvas for cultural exploration, adorned with select paintings and portraits that enrich the dining narrative.

Drawing aesthetic inspiration from the visionary “Catalan modernist” Antoni Gaudi, and the vibrant flair of contemporary pop art, Gallery 7/40 stands as an ever-evolving showcase of art and photography. Each curated piece contributes to an atmosphere that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Here, dining transcends the ordinary, offering an escape into the realms of art, nature, and gastronomic wonder. Gallery 7/40 is more than a dining destination—it is an immersive experience, a place of indulgence and discovery, no matter the occasion or time. 

Selected Dishes

Smoked salmon row, lemon, onion

Tuna tartar

Yellow fin tuna, tartar sauce

Lobster orzotto

Lobster, prawns, calamari, parmesan, chives

Poseidon seafood platter

Lobster tail, king prawns, red snapper fillet, octopus, baby squid, potato, broccolini, cauliflower, chimichurri, lemon mayonnaise, garden salad


Beef, layered potato, tomato, roasted pepper, eggplant & zucchini, tomato sauce & bechamel

We Serve The Freshest Catches

Our Menu

Gallery 7/40 serves Greek cuisine and seafood in a simple yet elegant manner. We take inspiration from Greek flavors and bring them to your plate, sourcing our fresh fish straight from its azure waters. Our diverse offerings, the artful surroundings, and the mouthwatering dishes are all curated to elevate your dining experience. 

Fabulous taste journey


Simple and balanced. Alexander Petillo brings together flavors and specialties from Italy and beyond to create his own culinary world, full of surprising artistry.

“I traveled all over the world, feeling and learning the authenticity of each local speciality food. I benefit a lot from working with other chefs and restaurants. In Japan, in Thailand, in Sweden, in Mexico, and elsewhere, chefs have different philosophies and ways of handling ingredients.”