About Gallery 7/40

Welcome to Gallery 7/40! Perched along the picturesque shores of The Club Palm West Beach, we invite you to bask in an ambiance inspired by the chic contemporary art scene. Sculptures, paintings, art, and photography adorn our venue, creating a narrative that unfolds with every glance.

Our signature Greek cuisine & seafood dishes are sure to leave a lasting impression, reflecting the meticulous dedication invested in every aspect of the restaurant.

Step into our world at Gallery 7/40, where everything from the art-adorned walls to the exquisitely crafted dishes narrates a fascinating story.


A Taste of the Coast

Explore Greek Goodness – Taste the true flavors of Greece at our place. Our dishes bring the authentic essence of Greek cuisine to your plate. Join us for a flavorful experience that embodies the heart of Greece in every delicious dish.

Seafood is our passion, freshness is our mission, and quality is our commitment.


Gallery 7/40 aspires to be an extraordinary hub where Greek cuisine, seafood dishes, and artistic expression flourish. By breaking the norms of a regular dining establishment, we hope to redefine how people experience food and art. The goal behind Gallery 7/40 is to establish a space where patrons can enjoy refined cuisine while immersing themselves in a captivating environment. 


Picture a place where delicious food and stunning art come together to spark inspiration! Our commitment is to captivate your senses with a mix of flavors, art, and photography that make every visit to Gallery 7/40 a truly enchanting experience. 

Fabulous taste journey


Simple and balanced. Alexander Petillo brings together flavors and specialties from Italy and beyond to create his own culinary world, full of surprising artistry.

“I traveled all over the world, feeling and learning the authenticity of each local speciality food. I benefit a lot from working with other chefs and restaurants. In Japan, in Thailand, in Sweden, in Mexico, and elsewhere, chefs have different philosophies and ways of handling ingredients.”